Bees, Bucks, and Mindfulness

November has ushered in unseasonably chilly temperatures, prompting me to retire some of our outdoor plants sooner than expected. Yesterday, I was surprised to see a solitary bumblebee grazing on the few flowers that are still hanging on for dear life on our porch. I think that, like me, he didn’t want to admit that summer is really gone.

I watched the bee for a moment, worried he might be lonely.… Read More

The Anxious Generation

How is parenting today different than it was a few decades ago? A thought-provoking article, “The Fragile Generation,” recently popped up in my parents’ group on Facebook, and it offered some disturbing examples of how overprotective parenting is negatively impacting kids. Modern children are far too sheltered, the article argues, and are missing critical opportunities to build independence, resilience, and problem-solving skills through “free play.” After-school activities like biking around the neighborhood or playing at the park have largely been replaced by structured, adult-supervised activities: team sports practices, dance or piano lessons.… Read More

Fox Cities Half Marathon Recap

The sun was just peeking over the horizon this past Sunday morning as I lined up with 2,000 other runners at the Fox Cities Half Marathon. Also at the start line were roughly 450 runners who were brave (or insane) enough to complete the full marathon distance.

Anyone who’s been within earshot of me over the past couple of weeks likely heard me agonize over the fact that the weather for this race was going to be unseasonably warm and humid.Read More

Is Summer Really Ending?

It’s hard to believe, but school starts this week. On the surface, I think we’re ready. Pencils and glue sticks are packed, teacher and bus assignments are confirmed and both of my kids are proudly sporting new haircuts.

The anticipation of a fresh school year feels bittersweet. This summer, there were plenty of days when my energetic children drove me up the proverbial wall. Like the times I would attempt some awesome craft or activity and fail miserably, only to hear my kids complain, “We’re bored!Read More

Fun at the Tosa Farmers Market

When those long-awaited summer days finally arrive, one of my favorite kid-friendly excursions is a visit to a local farmers market. This weekend, we checked out the Tosa Farmers Market (open Saturdays from 8 AM – 12 PM, June 3 – Oct. 14) for the first time. The market’s main attraction is fresh seasonal produce, of course, but visitors can also find yummy cheeses, homemade jams, sausages and other specialty items.… Read More

Hunting for Harry Potter in New York City

Last weekend, our family traveled to New York City to visit my brother and take in some of the touristy highlights. No trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but we knew it might be a challenge to keep our daughters (six and eight years old) focused and interested enough to really appreciate the exhibits.

Our kids have really gotten into Harry Potter lately, so we were tickled pink to learn about a tour called “Griffins, Goblets and Gold” at the Met.… Read More

Lessons From My First Half Marathon

Well, I did it: this weekend I completed my first half marathon! It feels unbelievable that the big day has finally come and gone. In the past few months, preparing for the race consumed a lot of my energy, and my thoughts rarely strayed far from running, whether I was thinking about my last workout or planning my next one. Sticking with the training plan was effective, but also meant that at times, my family had to schedule things around my long runs.Read More

Hey There, Big Scary Hill: I See You

In about one month, I’ll run my first half-marathon, and I’m definitely feeling that nervous/excited buzz. Before I started training for this event, my longest run was nine miles, so I know the race will be a challenge.

Adding to my nerves is the fact that the course features some tough hills: the race has just under 600 feet of elevation gain**. That’s not bad—in fact, it’s right around the nation’s average for half-marathons.… Read More

Miles and Milestones

It’s not spring yet, but we sure had a great preview of it this past week in Wisconsin. Getting outdoors in the fresh air felt amazing, especially since I’ve decided to train for my first half marathon in May.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about miles and milestones. Completing a half marathon has been a longtime goal of mine, but I never actually committed to the training until now. For the past month, I’ve been following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Program, and so far so good.… Read More

A Spring-Ish Day in January

When it comes to Wisconsin winters, any temperature over 40 degrees can almost feel tropical. This weekend, we took advantage of the warm weather and made the drive to Kohler-Andrae State Park. Located in Sheboygan, the park features miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, nature trails, and some really cool dune cordwalks.

The beauty of this park was an unexpected treasure, especially smack dab in the middle of winter. The kids loved running up and down the dune cordwalks, paths that seemed to spiral into the distance with no end.… Read More