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Little Panic: What I Learned From One Author’s Childhood Anxiety

As a person who has anxiety, I eagerly dived into Amanda Stern’s new book, Little Panic: Dispatches From An Anxious Life. The book recounts Stern’s … Read More

When Words Sting, Sometimes Action Is the Best Remedy

“You’re seven? But you’re so small!!”

I hold back a grimace. My daughters and I are at a trampoline park, and the employee handing … Read More

On Being a Reformed Germaphobe

Growing up, I never worried much about germs. Thanks to the many pets we owned over the years, my childhood home was basically a deluxe … Read More

Background Noise: I’m Afraid of Silence

When I was in 8th grade, our class practiced a daily moment of silence. It was a simple exercise, but one I nearly always failed. … Read More

The Anxious Generation

How is parenting today different than it was a few decades ago? A thought-provoking article, “The Fragile Generation,”┬árecently popped up in my parents’ group … Read More

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