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Sometimes It’s Good to Shake Up the Routine

If you are one of those rare souls who can roll out of bed and immediately go for a run, you have my admiration. I’ve always found it challenging to go out and pound the pavement first thing in the morning.… Read More

Bees, Bucks, and Mindfulness

November has ushered in unseasonably chilly temperatures, prompting me to retire some of our outdoor plants sooner than expected. Yesterday, I was surprised to see a solitary bumblebee grazing on the few flowers that are still hanging on for dear life on our porch.… Read More

Fox Cities Half Marathon Recap

The sun was just peeking over the horizon this past Sunday morning as I lined up with 2,000 other runners at the Fox Cities Half Marathon. Also at the start line were roughly 450 runners who were brave (or insane) enough to complete the full marathon distance.… Read More

Lessons From My First Half Marathon

Well, I did it: this weekend I completed my first half marathon! It feels unbelievable that the big day has finally come and gone. In the past few months, preparing for the race consumed a lot of my energy, and my thoughts rarely strayed far from running, whether I was thinking about my last workout or planning my next one.Read More

Hey There, Big Scary Hill: I See You

In about one month, I’ll run my first half-marathon, and I’m definitely feeling that nervous/excited buzz. Before I started training for this event, my longest run was nine miles, so I know the race will be a challenge.… Read More

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