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Is Summer Really Ending?

It’s hard to believe, but school starts this week. On the surface, I think we’re ready.… Read More

Lessons From My First Half Marathon

Well, I did it: this weekend I completed my first half marathon! Read More

Hey There, Big Scary Hill: I See You

In about one month, I’ll run my first half-marathon, and I’m definitely feeling that nervous/excited buzz.… Read More

But I Don’t Feel Old…

On the radio recently, I heard a social media expert discussing the different platforms people use today.… Read More

The Beauty of the Chill Out Jar

One day last week, the kids and I were engaged in our usual after-school routine: as they raided the pantry for snacks, I dug through their backpacks, hoping not to find another letter announcing the presence of lice in one of their classrooms.… Read More

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