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On Not Questioning Duck Wisdom

Spring has finally sprung in Wisconsin (sighs of relief all around)!

This past weekend, as the kids were playing outside, my oldest daughter made a surprising discovery. Next to our garage, bordered on two sides by the brick walls of our house, was a fluffy nest made of mulch and feathers.… Read More

Dear Kids: Your Favorite Things Drive Me Crazy

This past weekend, my children’s school hosted its annual carnival, an event that kids eagerly anticipate and adults dread in equal measure. Held on a Friday evening in early spring, carnival has all of the elements that get your adrenaline going: throngs of excited kids and weary adults, a sweltering gymnasium transformed with games, face painting, and hair styling stations, and hallways crammed with more games and prizes.… Read More

Let’s Ditch the Parenting Scorecard

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are your own harshest critic.” I’ve found this description to be particularly fitting in motherhood. We don’t get traditional performance evaluations for raising human beings.… Read More

My Uncomfortable Truce With Screen Time

With my first child, I had the best intentions when it came to screen time. Having dutifully studied the latest guidelines issued by child development experts, I planned to allow screen time, but only with stringent standards.… Read More

On Being a Reformed Germaphobe

Growing up, I never worried much about germs. Thanks to the many pets we owned over the years, my childhood home was basically a deluxe buffet of microbes for my immune system.… Read More

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