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Growth and Trust

My youngest daughter turned four this March, a fact that surprises most people when they see her for the first time. At 26 pounds and just over 35 inches, Lily still fits in clothes that would be snug on the average two-year-old.… Read More

Dreaming of Spring

As I type this, I’m sitting on the floor of my bedroom, glancing up every so often to see if my gently snoring four-year-old is stirring. Normally Lily is a peaceful sleeper, but she’s been battling a nasty cough for the past few days.… Read More

Don’t Borrow Trouble

“Don’t borrow trouble.” It’s a phrase I remember my mom uttering 12 years ago, when I called her in a panic after discovering a lump in my right breast. It was the summer of 2002 in Boston.… Read More

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