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On Being a Reformed Germaphobe

With one of my pet chickens in the 1990s

Growing up, I never worried much about germs.… Read More

Dear Coffee: I Love You

As if I needed another reason to indulge in my daily coffee habit, a new study indicates that coffee drinking is not only safe for most of us, but it also has potentially protective effects against heart disease, liver cancer, and other illnesses.… Read More

Miles and Milestones

It’s not spring yet, but we sure had a great preview of it this past week in Wisconsin.… Read More

Surviving a Sick Day at Home with Your Kids

Ah, fall. The air is crisp, the leaves have turned a glorious hue — and the scourge of school germs is wreaking havoc on households everywhere.… Read More

Small Size, Big Mealtime Battles

My youngest daughter turned four this March, a fact that surprises most people when they see her for the first time.… Read More

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