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Much of my writing focuses on my late mother and how close we were. But this week, while talking with my dad on the phone, I realized how thankful I am for him.… Read More

A No-Nonsense Approach to Morning Crankiness

If you feel groggy and irritable first thing in the morning, there’s a scientific reason why. It’s called sleep inertia, which is basically “a transitional period of grogginess” that affects you right after you wake up.… Read More

Savoring Summer

This week, as the kids received long-awaited classroom assignments and bus drivers practiced their routes through our neighborhood, all I could think was: Hold on a minute, wasn’t summer just getting started? Read More

Dear Kids: Please Go Play So I Can Blog About You

“Okay kids, Mama needs some quiet time to write. Please go play so I can work on this blog post about motherhood.”

The irony of this statement has always bothered me.… Read More

Does the Past Make You Sad? Maybe That’s Okay

Last week, my family traveled to Arizona and California, where we visited relatives and officially kicked off summer. We soaked up the sunshine (and triple-digit temperatures in AZ!), hunted for lizards and jackrabbits, honed our swimming skills, and indulged in plenty of ice cream and pizza.… Read More

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