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Dear Kids: Please Go Play So I Can Blog About You

“Okay kids, Mama needs some quiet time to write. Please go play so I can work on this blog post about motherhood.”

The irony of this statement has always bothered me.… Read More

Sometimes It’s Good to Shake Up the Routine

If you are one of those rare souls who can roll out of bed and immediately go for a run, you have my admiration. I’ve always found it challenging to go out and pound the pavement first thing in the morning.… Read More

Does the Past Make You Sad? Maybe That’s Okay

Last week, my family traveled to Arizona and California, where we visited relatives and officially kicked off summer. We soaked up the sunshine (and triple-digit temperatures in AZ!), hunted for lizards and jackrabbits, honed our swimming skills, and indulged in plenty of ice cream and pizza.… Read More

Embracing Non-Productivity

Summer is almost here, and like many parents, I’m scrambling to squeeze as many productive hours into each day as possible before school ends.

Last summer, I struggled to balance my role as a mom and writer.… Read More

On Not Questioning Duck Wisdom

Spring has finally sprung in Wisconsin (sighs of relief all around)!

This past weekend, as the kids were playing outside, my oldest daughter made a surprising discovery. Next to our garage, bordered on two sides by the brick walls of our house, was a fluffy nest made of mulch and feathers.… Read More

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