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Much of my writing focuses on my late mother and how close we were. But this week, while talking with my dad on the phone, I realized how thankful I am for him.… Read More

A No-Nonsense Approach to Morning Crankiness

If you feel groggy and irritable first thing in the morning, there’s a scientific reason why. It’s called sleep inertia, which is basically “a transitional period of grogginess” that affects you right after you wake up.… Read More

Little Panic: What I Learned From One Author’s Childhood Anxiety

As a person who has anxiety, I eagerly dived into Amanda Stern’s new book, Little Panic: Dispatches From An Anxious Life. The book recounts Stern’s earliest childhood experiences with severe anxiety and traces these emotions and their impact into adulthood.… Read More

Why I Write

I’m going to start this post with a movie reference, but hear me out.

In The Greatest Showman,¬†there’s a scene in which famed circus founder P.T. Barnum pulls off a breathtaking performance by opera singer Jenny Lind, dazzling a sold-out crowd of wealthy, high-society people.… Read More

Savoring Summer

This week, as the kids received long-awaited classroom assignments and bus drivers practiced their routes through our neighborhood, all I could think was: Hold on a minute, wasn’t summer just getting started?¬†Read More

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